Atlas Voices

Trina Brandt
Estimating Coordinator

“Atlas has a warm and caring family environment.”


“Company leaders understand that people have lives outside of work. They realize that by allowing for some work-life flexibility, they’ll build loyalty and commitment.” 


“Atlas has a great team! We laugh, joke and know how to enjoy our job, but still get the work done. When everyone in the workplace works together to accomplish goals, everyone succeeds.”




Antonio Webb
Service/Warranty Manager

“Atlas Mechanical takes the time to do a complete and thorough walk-through with each client to address any questions they may have, and also to provide them with thorough knowledge and training for the personnel that will manage their property.”


“Atlas Mechanical works  on cooling towers, water and air source heat pumps, gas package and split systems, hydronic systems, chillers, VAV/VFD systems, boilers for residential or commercial…you name it.”


Warren White
Sheet Metal Installer

“I’ve been very fortunate over the last six years with very few days off in-between jobs.”


“They express how important safety is and provide us with great PP equipment.”


 “It's not uncommon to have somebody from the office or the president of the company show up on the job sites and express their gratitude for what we do, and the owner has been very generous towards our 401(k).”                                         …APPRECIATION


Bobby Nelson
Project Engineer

“The Atlas tuition program allowed me to attend the UCLA Extension program while stationed in the LA area. Classes focused on construction management, with a certificate in project management available. Courses provided real world knowledge I could apply the next day at work. A LEED Engineering course directly led to my being able to apply and obtain a LEED GA.”


“With so many projects on the books, there are opportunities for assistant PM’s, project coordinators, and project engineers to expand their experience and grow into full management positions.”