"As you are aware, both the performance of the mechanical and electrical subcontractors are extremely critical to the outcome of any construction project.  Apply that contemplation to a high rise hotel, and the situation becomes immense.  It is my direct opinion that Atlas Mechanical, Inc. became the driving force of the project, out pacing all other trades, and genuinely helping to press the construction schedule.”
  -  Rick Wheeler,Project Manager, W.E.O., Neil Construction Company of Arizona 

"Realizing that a commitment was made on completing this project thirty days ahead of schedule was monumental all by itself.  To have the project turned over to the owner with no punch list items, other than minor adjustments, was a true testament to the team effort shown by Atlas Mechanical."
  -  Carl Castner,Project Manager, Harper Construction

"As you know, Design/Build renovation projects present special challenges for all trade contractors involved.  They must be able to provide quality products, installed professionally within a sometimes hectic schedule.  The team from Atlas Mechanical performed with outstanding results on this project, necessitating very little involvement from our project supervisory staff."
  -  Richard Buchanan,Vice President, Sundt Corp., Managing Venture

“All parties involved in the project fully understood that this paramount project is not a typical building. Atlas Mechanical’s performance, cooperation, and professionalism in all aspects proved to be most beneficial for the successful completion of the Smith Center for the Performing Arts. Thank you for a job well done…”
  -  Scott Fitzgerald,Project Manager, The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

"Your skills in working out the impossible, being a team player, and doing so in a positive way, made the project successful."
  - Robert E. Scott,Regional Vice President, Lend Lease Actus

"With a team concept, the problems encountered on this project were met only as challenges and were quickly brought to resolution.  Our client, the United States Navy, has also expressed their appreciation for the quality workmanship and overall team effort.  This project was truly a success for all."
  -  Douglas E. Barnhart,Chief Executive Officer, Douglas E. Barnhart, Inc.

"Atlas Mechanical, Inc. efforts did not go unnoticed by our firm or the US Army Corps of Engineers in their ability to meet design requirements, design and construction schedules and provide the customer service necessary for this important design-build project...  Our company received an outstanding evaluation on this Child Development Center, which could not have been achieved without the efforts of Atlas Mechanical, Inc."
- Dave A.  Gerke,Project Manager/Design Mgr., Harper Construction Co.

“Atlas is an excellent company run by good honest people. I both like and trust Sam Shekhter and have no doubt that we could overcome the most difficult challenges encountered in a large project.  Sam has surrounded himself with great people and given the opportunity, we would work with him again without question.”
 - John Warren,Project Executive, Clark Construction

"Because of the performance of Atlas Mechanical and other key critical-path trades, Keller/Swinerton was able to complete the project three months ahead of schedule."
 -  Stephen Converse,Chair of the Executive Committee, Keller/Swinerton/Walberg

“You personally monitored the details right down to the final installation and your follow-up call.  Your technicians were also excellent.  Courteous, friendly, competent, organized and excellent ambassadors for your company...  Again, thank you so much for making the whole process work out so well.  Every business in San Diego could take a lesson from you and your firm."
  -   James Fenwick

"The can-do attitude that your company has is refreshing."
  -  Guy N. Miller,Project Superintendent, Harper/Nielsen Construction Company

"I believe the high degree of professionalism, coupled with a positive attitude toward detail, quality, production and cost savings continue to make Atlas the mechanical contractor of choice."
  -  David K. Wray,Project Manager, Hunt Building Corporation