Values & Ethics

“Atlas cultivates an entrepreneurial, diverse work environment that rewards motivation, creativity, and integrity”

  • Positive & constructive workplace

    Positive & constructive workplace

    At Atlas we strive to create positive workplaces where we promote teamwork and camaraderie. We want every team member to experience the pride that comes from working with outstanding associates who are dedicated to each others success. CAMARADERIE
  • Openness to opinions and ideas

    Openness to opinions and ideas

    We highly value the diversity of thought and creative ideas that come from our team members. We promote an environment where ingenuity and alternative viewpoints are welcomed, and employees are encouraged to express their opinions. CREATIVITY
  • Progressive culture

    Progressive culture

    At Atlas we embrace change, and encourage our team members to progressively discover and employ the very best practices. Our culture supports and challenges every person to develop and use their skills to the fullest. INITIATIVE
  • Personal energy & work ethic

    Personal energy & work ethic

    Every Atlas employee is expected to have a passion for high performance in all that they do. We work hard and smart, and tirelessly endeavor to go above and beyond the expectations of our world-class clients. PASSION
  • Commitment to excellence

    Commitment to excellence

    Excellence is a value that we live by and strive to achieve. We only feel we have succeeded when our talented team members have impressed our clients with outstanding performance. EXCELLENCE
  • Culture of mutual respect

    Culture of mutual respect

    We believe that all people deserve to be treated with dignity and mutual respect. Courteous and professional communication and actions are an essential part of our code of conduct. RESPECT
  • Honesty & Integrity

    Honesty & Integrity

    Atlas management has a non-negotiable commitment to ethical behavior in absolutely every practice. The resultant trust that is built with our clients forms the bedrock for beneficial and sustainable relationships. INTEGRITY
  • Superior responsiveness

    Superior responsiveness

    We work extremely hard to be easy to do business with. Our goal is for our responsiveness and execution of work to exceed the performance of every competitor we have. ...DILIGENCE