Belmont Village

17 Story high-rise includes 180 senior living units. The ground level will include various indoor and outdoor amenity spaces. The lobby, great room, and bistro area is at the entrance of the building while a dining area and kitchen share the remainder of the first level. A large garden court is placed on the north end of the property that includes seating, dinning space and a pool area for tenants to use. A small covered garden is adjacent to the bistro area as well. The senior living units are placed on levels 2 through 17 with small outdoor terraces on levels 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 11, and 17. The project includes a three level subterranean parking garage. The first level of parking also includes two enclosed spaces one for back of house space for building operations and the second is a skilled nursing facility that will be used by the neighboring high-rise and be accessed by a separate elevator. 

Additional Info

  • Location: San Diego
  • General Contractor: Suffolk Construction
  • City: San Diego
  • Architect: Joseph Wong Design Associates, Inc.
  • OWNER /CM: Belmont Village La Jolla, LLC
  • HVAC SYSTEM: Luxury senior apartments conditioned with High Efficiency VRF system consisting of horizontal concealed VRF Fan Coils and Condensers on the roof. Individual bathroom exhaust fans with venting through exterior wall. Residential kitchen range hoods and laundry dryer exhaust venting. VRF ducted and ductless fan coils with refrigeration piping serving common areas, lobbies, kitchen and dining areas; elevator/telecommunication equipment rooms. Commercial kitchens are equipped with stainless steel grease and dishwasher exhaust duct, exhaust and make-up air fans. Fully integrated Building Automation System to monitor and control all mechanical equipment. DOAS provide pre-conditioned outside air for living units and common area spaces. The below grade parking levels are equipped with garage exhaust fans controlled by an Integrated Carbon Monoxide Detection System.