Hampton Inn & Suites and Towne Place Suites

Hotel #1 - Hampton Inn & Suites - (4) Story – 181 Guestroom Hotel, approx. 96,795 SF. Type VA Construction.  Hotel #2 - Townplace Suites – (5) Story – 222 Guestroom Hotel, approx. 133,316 SF. Type IIIA Construction.

Additional Info

  • Location: Liberty Station San Diego
  • General Contractor: Roy Anderson Corp Contractors
  • City: San Diego
  • Architect: Degen & Degen Architecture
  • OWNER /CM: Intermountain Management LLC
  • HVAC SYSTEM: Hotel rooms are conditioned by PTAC and continuously running rooftop exhaust fans, bathrooms are a Sub-ducted System, common areas are conditioned by Split System Heat Pumps ventilated with miscellaneous supply/exhaust fans and ductless mini-split system serving elevator equipment and IDF rooms.