Two, six-story, residential suite buildings totaling approximately 200,000 square feet, and a two-story building with a basement and a dining facility of approximately 42,000 square feet.

Additional Info

  • Location: 5500 CAMPANILE DRIVE, SAN DIEGO, CA 92182
  • General Contractor: DOUGLAS E. BARNHART
  • City: San Diego
  • Architect: Bechard Long & Associates, Inc.
  • OWNER /CM: SDSU Facilities Planning & Management
  • HVAC SYSTEM: Central Plant, above and below grade hydronic piping for chilled, condenser, and hot water with specialty hydronic equipment, heating hot water pumps and piping, 4-pipe fan coils serving student suites, roof-top package, split system heat pumps, and fan coil units with ductwork, air distribution and temperature controls for common areas and corridor heating and ventilation, miscellaneous exhaust fans with ductwork for restrooms, janitors closets and storage areas. Dining facility is conditioned by roof top 75 tons air handling unit with VAV boxes and hot water reheat, exposed ductwork, extensive linear diffusers, DDC Control System connected to the SDSU network.