Orchard Park Student Housing

This student housing project is located at the University of California Davis. The project comprises of 601 units, 11 residential buildings and 3 ancillary buildings for amenities and maintenance. The 11 residential buildings are categorized under 3 building types:  Type A and Type B for graduate student housing and Type C for family housing. The ancillary buildings consist of graduate students commons, family commons, mail & package delivery center, and maintenance building. All residential buildings are of type IIA construction, 4 story tall with slab-on-grade. All ancillary buildings are of type IIB construction, 1 story tall.

Additional Info

  • Location: UC Davis
  • General Contractor: CBG Building Company
  • City: Davis
  • Architect: TCA Architects
  • OWNER /CM: UC Davis & The Michaels Organization
  • HVAC SYSTEM: Design, furnish and install HVAC and Controls. Each apartment unit will be served by 20 SEER split system heat pumps with ducted outside air intake including inline booster fan. Each supply diffuser will be provided with radiated fire damper. Common areas and amenity spaces will be served by high efficiency split system heat pumps. Mini-split AC systems utilized for IDF, Electrical and MDF rooms. Corridors will be served by Rooftop Packaged Heat Pumps ducted down to each floor. Bathroom and kitchen exhaust venting to outside for every apartment. Common laundries will be served by Rooftop Make-up Air Units ducted down to each level laundry room. Dryer exhaust vents to outside for common laundries.