Dundee Residence Hall

The new Residence Hall Community consists of two residential halls and one dining facility. Dundee North and South are a pair of buildings that provide 800 undergraduate beds and 20 staff beds in five stories of wood framed structure over a two-story concrete podium. The ground level provides common amenity spaces for residents. Glasgow is a two-story, 900-seat dining commons with instructional food preparation platforms and a campus bakery. Site development connects to the surrounding campus environment by pedestrian walkways and bike friendly pathways approximately  175,000 GSF.  This project acheived LEED Gold.

Additional Info

  • Location: UC Riverside
  • General Contractor: Morley Builders
  • City: Riverside
  • Architect: Solomon Cordwell Buenz
  • OWNER /CM: American Campus Communities
  • HVAC SYSTEM: Heating and cooling will be provided by Air Cooled VRF System. Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV/VRF) units including outdoor air‐cooled condensing units and indoor fan coils. All spaces, except corridors, will be served by the VRF system. The condensing unit will be connected to fan coils via refrigerant line sets, distribution boxes, and isolation valves per line set to fan coil and for future connection at the distribution boxes empty ports. Provide isolation valves on each refrigeration connection to the distribution box. Living Rooms, Study Rooms, Movie room, Lounge, Fitness, and Seminar/E‐Sport venues will be provided with fan coil units less than 54,000 BTUH and therefore will not be provided with economizers. The equipment/alarms shall be monitored by the BMS. Cooling Coil Condensate Drain System: All cooling coil condensate drain piping from indoor HVAC units to gravity drained to closest service sink, floor sink, floor drain or other