AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE HANGARS P447, 9447A, P460 (N62742-09-D-1172)

Construction of a new aircraft maintenance hangar, aircraft taxiway and parking apron.  This project also constructs replacement facilities for the indoor simulated marksmanship trainer and gas chamber due to the demolition of building 36, 39 and 40.  P447A provides construction of a new F-35 JSF compliant aircraft maintenance hangar.  This project will include the aircraft parking apron adjacent to the hangar and taxiway connections.  P460 provides construction of a new Aircraft Maintenance Hangar, aircraft taxiway and parking apron that are JSF compliant.

Additional Info

  • Location: 2114 N. Ordnance Loop, YUMA, AZ 85365
  • General Contractor: DCK NORTH AMERICA, LLC
  • City: Yuma
  • Architect: State of California
  • OWNER /CM: Marine Corps Air Station, Yuma, AZ
  • HVAC SYSTEM: Aircraft cooling units with under-floor piping and Air Pit Assemblies. Computer room A/C units with DX and chilled water coils with sub-floor leak detection for Server and Control Rooms. Air Cooled Chiller plant with pumps, pipe, valves, fittings and accessories. Rooftop Air Handlers, Energy Recovery Units and VAV boxes with electric reheat for office areas. Security Man Bars and Sound Traps for secure facilities. Chilled Water Fan Coils, Infrared Heaters, along with Arm Exhaust Snorkel Hoods for maintenance areas. Computer room A/C units with outdoor condensing units, split system air handlers and exhaust systems for Marksman Training Simulator. LEED Silver