Construct military family housing communities for the Presidio of Monterey (POM) and the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS). The development, with locations at the Ord Military Community on the former Fort Ord and La Mesa Village in Monterey, consists of approximately 2,400 existing, renovated, and new houses along with multiple clubhouses, ball fields, and recreation centers with indoor pools.

Additional Info

  • Location: 171 Monterey Road, MONTEREY, CA 93955
  • General Contractor: CLARK REALTY BUILDERS, LP
  • City: Monterey
  • Architect: Torti Gallas & Partners, Inc.
  • OWNER /CM: Pinnacle Development & Clark Capital group PPVJV.
  • HVAC SYSTEM: Atlas Mechanical provided and installed new heating systems utilizing 95% AFUE furnaces, ventilation systems for bathrooms, dryers and kitchens.