Presidio of Monterey Barracks

The work consisted of the design and construction of a new 320-person AIT Barracks located at the Presidio of Monterey, CA. This work was performed in two stages. Stage 1 included  project design along with survey/drawings of local environmentally sensitive trees, demolition of these trees, construction of a satellite parking lot, pedestrian access, and a utility run with cabling. Stage 2 included construction of a five-story barracks complex located on a small hillside parking lot and three additional parking lots. Berthing module layout includes entrance into a common kitchen/meeting area with a common toilet & shower room and two private bedrooms. Each berthing module will berths two persons.

Additional Info

  • Location: Presidio of Monterey
  • General Contractor: Sundt Construction, Inc.
  • City: Monterey, CA
  • Architect: Arrington Watkins Architects
  • OWNER /CM: USACE Sacramento District
  • HVAC SYSTEM: The living units are served by 100% dedicated outside air units ducted to a fan powered VAV box with reheat coil in each space. The exhaust ducted from kitchens and restrooms is ducted to a enthalpy wheel in the DOAS for energy recovery. A HHW central plant is piped to the DOAS & VAV boxes. Electrical rooms, common areas, and IT closets are served by a Variable Refrigerant Volume System. The building management system integrates temperature controls with solar lighting, sub metering, life safety and ATFP damper isolation sequence.