The Current

The project consists of Type 1A construction of a 18 story high-rise building, including, 223 luxury apartment units, 367,086 gsf of building including 2 levels of above grade and 2 levels of below grade parking. The project included demolition of existing buildings, parking lot, and site improvements. This facility includes a penthouse level pool deck, restaurant/retail spaces and resident gym.

Additional Info

  • Location: 645 East Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA
  • General Contractor: Driver Urban
  • City: Long Beach
  • Architect: Rockefeller Partners Architects, Inc.
  • OWNER /CM: Shoreline Gateway LLC
  • HVAC SYSTEM: Design Build delivery method. 223 Apartment Units, each conditioned by a ducted Water Source Heat Pump with in-slab fresh air ducted from the exterior to each heat pump. Common areas are also conditioned by (13) Water Source Heat Pumps and ventilated with miscellaneous supply/exhaust fans. Vertical Condenser water piping is served by a rooftop Central Plant consisting of two cooling towers, 2 boilers, 6 pumps, accessories and DDC controls. Centralized roof mounted 24/7 toilet exhaust system with sub-ducted shafts. Pressure controlled dryer exhaust system with rooftop fans, cleanouts and pressure sensors in each sub-ducted shaft. Four levels of closed Garage are ventilated by push/pull fans controlled by CO Monitoring System. Smoke control is achieved by two stairwell pressurization shafts with fans and dampers integrated to the fire alarm system.