8th and Grand

The 8th and Grand Apartment Project is located in Los Angeles bordering the streets of Grand to the North, 8th to the West and Olive on the south side and includes a Whole Foods Store on the ground floor . This project area is approximately 32,500 sf or 3.04 acres in size and consist of the following:  The garage is three stories below grade and one partial level on the ground level. Retail wraps the ground floor parking. Total parking space count is 899 stalls. Starting at floor two, the building houses 700 units of “for rent” apartments on six floors. The rooftop deck has a small pool surrounded by cabanas, a lounge and barbecue area.  The courtyard on floor two has numerous amenities including a larger pool and spa.

Additional Info

  • Location: 8TH and Grand, Los Angeles, CA
  • General Contractor: Carmel Partners
  • City: Los Angeles
  • Architect: Daryoush Safai, AIA Architect
  • HVAC SYSTEM: Each individual living unit is equipped with a high efficiency split DX Heat Pump, ducted outside air, restroom exhaust fans and laundry dryer booster fans. The corridors and common areas are conditioned by a Variable Refrigerant Volume System consisting of 80 Fan Coils served by 15 Heat Pumps. The below grade parking levels are equipped with 36 Garage Exhaust Fans controlled by an Integrated Carbon Monoxide Detection System. The ground floor grocery store is conditioned by 4-pipe Fan Coils served by its own Rooftop Central Plant, accompanied by a cooling tower for their refrigeration needs.