South Park WREN

5-Story, 362 market-rate apartments, 2-levels below grade parking + Mezzanine, retail and amenities.  The new building is Type III modified, including 2 basement levels (Type I) with 424 parking stalls, 2 levels + Mezzanine (Type I) within the concrete podium consisting of residential apartments and amenity spaces, and 5 levels (Type III) of wood construction consisting of residential units.  There is 362 apartment units within the building and includes 10,600 sf of ground floor amenity space (including leasing offices), 6,325 sf of second floor (podium level) amenity spaces for fitness and community rooms, an exterior pool and deck on the second floor (podium level), and 4,030 sf of ground floor retail. 

Additional Info

  • Location: 1230 S. Olive Street, Los Angeles, CA
  • General Contractor: Tishman Construction
  • City: Los Angeles
  • Architect: Togawa Smith Martin Residential, Inc.
  • OWNER /CM: Mack Urban, LLC
  • HVAC SYSTEM: Each individual living unit is equipped with a high efficiency split DX Heat Pump System, ducted outside air, restroom exhaust fan and laundry dryer booster fan. The common areas are conditioned by high efficiency split DX Heat Pump System and the corridors are conditioned by the roof top packaged air conditioning system. The below grade parking levels are equipped with 6 Garage Exhaust Fans controlled by an Integrated Carbon Monoxide Detection System.