Neptune Marina

This project consists of 4 buildings, 526 units, each with 4 wood floors of type V framing over a two level podium. The buildings are five-story, multi-family housing facility totaling 526,654 square feet of residential area with parking garages. Neptune Marina is inspired by the era of mid-century modern design.

Additional Info

  • Location: Marina Del Rey, CA
  • General Contractor: Johnstone Moyer, Inc.
  • City: Marina Del Rey
  • Architect: TCA Architects
  • OWNER /CM: GS Neptune Marina Apartments, LLC
  • HVAC SYSTEM: Each individual living unit is equipped with a high efficiency split DX Heat Pump System, ducted outside air, restroom exhaust fan with humidity sensors, residential kitchen range hoods exhaust venting and laundry dryer exhaust vents. The corridors and common areas are conditioned by a Variable Refrigerant Volume System. Electric, elevator and MPOE rooms conditioned by ductless mini split systems. The below grade parking levels are equipped with 26 garage exhaust fans controlled by an Integrated Carbon Monoxide Detection System.