Furnace Creek Resort

Furnace Creek Inn and Ranch Resort in Death Valley National Park included updating all of the Inn's public spaces, building a new spa treatment facility and addition of 15 new casitas (30 total rooms). The Ranch includes a larger scale improvements centering around a "Town Square" new restaurant complex, new retail/grocery store, Town Hall (which houses the reception and check-in areas along with an ice cream parlor), maintenance building and offices, and site utility improvements.

Additional Info

  • Location: Death Valley, CA
  • General Contractor: GE Johnson/Kitchell, a Joint Venture
  • City: Death Valley
  • Architect: OZ Architecture
  • OWNER /CM: Xanterra Parks & Resorts, Inc.
  • HVAC SYSTEM: Design, furnish and install HVAC and DDC Controls. The project includes VRF Heat Recovery System serving individual Casitas and Pool Amenity building. Town Hall is served by the Constant Volume Rooftop DX System. Cooling and heating for the Warehouse Building is generated by the Variable Speed Rooftop Air Handling Unit with DX Cooling and HW heating coils through the Variable Volume Terminal Boxes with Hydronic re-heat. Retail Food and Beverage Building is served by the Chilled and Hot Water Heat System with Variable Speed Rooftop Air Handling Units through the VAVs with Hydronic re-heat and Hydronic Fan Coils. Multiple exhaust fans and make-up air units with evaporative cooling coils serve kitchen hoods and other areas of the building. HVAC for Temporary Dining Facility includes Constant Volume Rooftop DX System with auxiliary electric heat and varies exhaust and make-up systems.