SDSU Zura Hall Housing Renovation

Design/build complete renovation of the existing SDSU Zura Hall Residence Dormitory that was originally built in 1968. The new structure includes 112,844 sq ft of space and consists of 310 student rooms, lounges and study rooms, restrooms, offices, storage, and faculty living. LEED Silver

Additional Info

  • Location: 5500 Campanile Drive, San Diego, CA 92182
  • General Contractor: Balfour Beatty Construction
  • City: San Diego
  • Architect: Randall Lamb
  • OWNER /CM: The Trustees of The California State University
  • HVAC SYSTEM: The Building heating/cooling system is a 2-pipe changeover system with fan coils in student rooms, lounges, study rooms, recreation areas, faculty apartments and miscellaneous areas. The building is served by existing campus chilled water system. Existing CHW pumps were replaced with new. High efficiency condensing boilers with variable speed pumps were installed to serve heating system. Complete piping system with 3 sets of risers and looped piping at each floor per wing. The same piping was used for heating and cooling - changeover system. Ventilation for student rooms is via operable windows (natural ventilation). Corridor air system includes rooftop energy recovery units with new supply duct risers and ducted supply air to corridors and bathrooms. Rooftop exhaust fans serve the student toilet room on each wing with sub-ducted system. Rooftop exhaust fans were provided to exhaust electrical closets and elevator machine room. Individual venting were provided for the clothes dryers exhaust at the laundry room as well as dryer make-up air system. A complete DDC system was installed to control and monitor mechanical equipment and was networked to the campus energy management system.