Nuevo East Graduate Student Housing

712,000 SF, Nuevo East Student Housing is a mixed-use residential and common amenity program, which includes five low- and high-rise residential buildings housing 1,374 student beds in one- to four-bedroom apartments and townhomes. Nuevo East includes a student wellness and resource center called the Exchange Building. The Nuevo East residential community is supported by a mix of shared amenities such as support spaces, laundry facilities, fitness and wellness spaces, administrative offices, multi-purpose rooms, community gathering spaces, a public plaza, and community gardens. The project includes a surface parking lot with 550 spaces, which will include ADA spaces, electric vehicle charging areas, and Clean Air Vehicle spaces. 

Additional Info

  • Location: University of California San Diego
  • General Contractor: Hensel Phelps
  • City: San Diego
  • Architect: Mithun
  • OWNER /CM: The Regents of the University of California, UCSD
  • HVAC SYSTEM: Design, furnish and install HVAC and Controls. Natural ventilation, centralized bathroom and kitchen area exhaust system ducted to a common exhaust riser serving stack of units and continuously running rooftop exhaust fans, dryer exhausts; VRF heat recovery heat pumps and fan coil units with ductwork, air distribution and temperature controls serving common areas, IDF rooms, Electrical, Mechanical, Elevator rooms and corridor ventilation.